China in 2010 AD, (RUISS) has created a revolutionary multi-journey of life an essential tool to create a RUISS pattern of the first generation, since then, it has been RUISS tools, symbols, standing in the international instruments boutique industry leaders status, industry experts believe that because they have their own special brand of "DNA".
      First, the sharp disabilities (RUISS) a high degree of respect and cherish their own brand. Brand also inherited his pursuit of quality, excellence attitude. Brand brings love art, focusing on creative and innovative use of human characteristics. 
      Business designers and other staff must also understand RUISS target, it really could learn a unique "DNA", and, in the work and brand operation of this unique culture will flourish. For the valued customers and strive to create a multi-functional living, travel essential tool. You can have RUISS brand products, which for the vitality of a brand extension of great significance.
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